CryptoCache: Network Caching with Confidentiality

Jérémie Leguay, Georgios S. Paschos, Elizabeth A. Quaglia & Ben Smyth (2017) CryptoCache: Network Caching with Confidentiality. In ICC'17: IEEE International Conference on Communications, IEEE Computer Society.


End-to-end encryption seemingly signifies the death of caching, because current methods ensure that no two sessions are alike. In this paper, we show that servers can reuse encrypted content between sessions, thereby rejuvenating caching. The main idea of our technique is to allow interim nodes to cache content based on pseudo-identifiers instead of real file identities. This enables caching of reusable pseudo-identifiers, whilst maintaining content confidentiality, i.e., ensuring that only the client and the server know the actual identity of the requested file. Furthermore, we provide an extension that prevents client linkability, i.e., ensuring it is impossible to tell if two clients are viewing the same content. Finally, we formally analyse the balance between security and the hit probability performance of the cache.

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